A Community of Nonprofits

Gathering like-minded organizations in one, consciously designed building encourages cooperative interaction and adds energy and momentum to the programs that assist our citizens, locally and nationally.

Where ideas are shared and collaboration takes place.


Miller’s Court is a hub for people who work to make our community a better place. Commercial space is leased to nonprofit organizations, which benefit from our “outside the box” thinking.


Some advantages include:
  • Reduced Rents. We are committed to helping nonprofits reduce their rental expense so more funds can be allocated towards their programs.
  • Reduced Square Footage Requirements. Why pay for space that is not in constant use? Miller’s Court devotes 5,000 square feet of free, shared conference and training rooms, made available for free to all nonprofits on an as-needed basis.
  • Free Event Space. Our gorgeous lawn and loading dock offers a “must see” space for you to host events – cost-free.
  • Reduced Facilities Time. On-site property management takes responsibility for facility issues, so nonprofits can focus on their social mission.