Floor Plans

A place to call home.

Only you know what you want in a living space. At Miller’s Court, you can choose from a creative mix of floor plans: Open Floor Plan, Loft Plan, or Townhouse Plan. All appliances (stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and washer/dryer unit) are standard in every apartment, and all units are prewired for TV/Internet service.

Be a part of history.

Once a successful tin can manufacturing plant, we named our floor plans after inventors and entrepreneurs as well as components in the craft of tin. Some hail from the USA, others outside the country but all elevated the production of tin can so that food and goods could be shared from Baltimore to the rest of the country. This one idea revolutionized food storage and the american diet. Without the creativity of these folks, Miller’s Court would not have first, a successful manufacturer, and today a wonderful home to teachers.

One Bedroom

Our one bedroom apartments feature a walk-in closet, and open kitchen/living space. View floorplans »

Two Bedroom

Our two bedroom Open Floor Plans feature two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a kitchen. View floorplans »

Three Bedroom

Three bedroom units offer three bathrooms, and a large living/dining area. View floorplans »


These very popular—and limited—loft apartments feature an enormous bedroom upstairs with a cozy living and dining space downstairs. Twenty-foot high ceilings on the fourth floor offer views of the city skyline. View floorplans »